Theory of Ionization

When a thunderstorm comes in, it brings heavy air that is charged with positive ions. Lightning cuts through the positive ions and the air is immediately recharged with negative ions. After a storm passes, the air is light with negative ions.

Food nutrition is based on the Theory of Ionization. The negative ions in our bodies are the good guys. The positive ions in our bodies are the bad guys – the pains, poisons, toxins, disease, etc. EVERYTHING that goes wrong in the body is related to positive ions.

Distilled water is an empty water which has the innate capability of attracting to it the overload of positive ions in the human body. It will literally suck out the positive ions from our bodies. Distilled water will no longer be “distilled” if anything at all is added to it – even an ice cube from non-distilled water.

Distilled water should be used as a medicine only. One of the biggest mistakes that we make when drinking distilled water is that we drink it all the time and in large quantities. It is very important that we never drink more than 4 ounces in any given ½ hour – more than that will overwork the body. Pure distilled water should not be consumed after 5:30 p.m., so our bodies can rest, with a 60 ounce limit per day.